• Crafting groundbreaking communication
    for the last sixteen years and counting

  • Recruiting and mobilizing A-list celebrities for
    wide-scale outreach campaigns

  • Because we're gimmick-free, we break through to
    even the most elusive demographics

  • Leveraging Hollywood-best practices to tell stories
    that can change the world

  • Redefining what is possible by working with visionaries and dreamers

  • Keeping the film and television industries honest
    through cutting edge cultural advisory

  • Producing fresh content immune to being
    filtered out by over-exposed audiences

  • At the forefront of the publishing revolution with riviting best-selling international fiction

  • Merging film, television, web and print to create
    immersive communication experiences

  • Working with virtuoso artists to redefine
    the parameters of our industry

  • Partnering with the United Nations to support
    causes that really matter

  • The leading provider of multilingual language and publishing services for international oragnizations

All major credit cards accepted